New interactive video course, ‘London Central’

Are you learning English? Our specially developed 10-episode series for beginners is the world’s first video course to include direct interaction with native English speakers. It’s a fun, easy and fast way to learn! The video series follows the exciting adventures of Leo, a young Brazilian man who goes to London to learn English, get a job and find love. Watch as he settles down and adapts to British life, forming relationships with interesting people from around the world. You will grow fond of Leo and his friends, and be on the edge of your seat as they encounter challenges along the way. These realistic situations are similar to those you might encounter in everyday life, so they will prepare you with helpful words and phrases for having natural conversations at a basic level with English speakers.

A new way to learn: watch and interact

‘London Central’ is the first of its kind to include direct interaction with native English speakers via our integrated video-chat application, busuutalk.

  • Watch the video to improve your listening comprehension and learn new words, phrases and grammar in a fun, relaxing and interesting way.
  • Test your understanding by answering comprehension and language-related questions based on each episode’s content.
  • Write a short text to practise what you have learnt and send it to native English speakers for corrections and tips for improvement.
  • Interact directly with native English speakers from our global community to try out your new speaking skills based on themes from each episode.

Learn key words and phrases at A1 level. We have specially selected the course’s learning material to include the most important vocabulary and grammar points covered at level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). These include familiar expressions, basic phrases and answers to questions about personal details. The course also touches upon learning material seen in other learning units at A1 level, making it a great revision tool. If you would like to see more of Leo and his friends, stay tuned for more exciting series to help you learn and improve your English at levels A2 to B2.  

Watch the trailer now!’s London Central

What do you think of this first series of ‘London Central’? Let us know below in the comments. But no spoilers, please – let’s keep the surprise for other viewers to enjoy too, as they follow Leo’s story!

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  3. English Courses in UK

    Many thanks for your effort, I really believe it is a useful tool for studying and an entertaining way to improve our English level.

    • Fabia Alves

      Thanks a lot for the positive comment!

      Ciao for now,

  4. Tiago

    Não haverá mais continuação da série?

    • Mario

      Olá Tiago,
      Tal como você, aqui no busuu também temos muito carinho pela série London Central 🙂 No entanto, de momento, não nos é possível continuar com a mesma.

      Esperamos que continue a aprender com o busuu, pois procuramos smepre novas formas de melhorar o aprendizado de nossos usuários.

      Até já,
      Equipe busuu

      • omar garzon

        eu ento peu por que .
        no sacan contenido igual para aprender portugues que me quedo a medias

  5. lamya mylan

    شكرا على جميع المعلومات المفيدة و الرائعة

  6. Mouris

    Hey good morning i tell you thank you so much in this job

    • Anna - busuu

      Thanks a lot for your kind words!! 🙂
      Continue learning with busuu!

  7. Ilenya

    Hy. Thank`s a lot for this great job.It’s professional.

  8. maryam

    apprendre le français

  9. Nathan Bartholdy de Azeredo

    alguem me ajuda!!! o q faço quando pedem pra descrever o que eu ouço?digitar,falar no microfone o q é me ajudem, por favor?

  10. Mohamed

    will you release other episodes or series ?


  11. Pfeffermühle

    This video is great! I’m learning a lot!
    Thank’s for that!

    • Maria Kristalinskaya

      thank you for studying with busuu!:)

  12. Enhjinnyamdawaa

    Thanks busuu. This video lessons are amazing.