Busuu wins two more awards!

November 10, 2023

We are delighted to receive two more awards this week to add to our collection!

The first is the Comenius Award, awarded by GPI (Gesellschaft für Pädagogik, Informationen und Medien e.V The Society for Pedagogy, Information and Media) in Germany. The society has been awarding different educational media with Comenius-EduMedia-Awards since 1995. This year, we are very proud to receive the highly sought-after award for exceptional products.

The awards are named after Amos Comenius, whose pedagogical approach to learning was radically new in the 17th century: he said that children learn and memorise new information better when all of their senses are stimulated, as senses are directly connected to memory. So, it’s no surprise that the GPI panel pays particular attention to the didactic and pedagogical approach of the submissions, which is why we’re especially thrilled to see our language teaching approach and educational content valued.

The second is the EdWards, awarded by the EDUCATE project based at UCL IOE. EDUCATE connects Ed Tech entrepreneurs, practitioners and researchers and uses research to inspire the design of high-quality learning products and services. It helps companies like ours to develop and create EdTech products that work.

At Busuu, we are committed to academic research to ensure we are aligned with the latest in education and technology, so it’s an honour to be recognised with this award by EDUCATE!

You may be wondering, what does receiving these awards mean?

Well, for us, it means that we are always thinking, questioning and researching ways of improving our product, and we now have confirmation that what we are doing is the right thing. For you, it shows that our efforts are being validated by credible sources. In practical terms, it means you can trust us when we say we are fully committed to creating the best experience for you to learn a language.

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