The busuu-baby has grown up!

November 10, 2023

We are delighted to announce that we have launched the new version of!

We have been working hard for the past 9 months and, thanks to all the great feedback from the community, we have created a new version of that will make your learning experience even more fun, interactive and efficient. Here are the major changes that have taken place.

1. New interface

First of all, we have improved our interface to make the access to the learning material MUCH easier! From now on you are only one click away from improving your language skills. Check out the new interface here.

2. Courses

Secondly, to give you more guidance in your language learning, we have created new courses for each level, which are in accordance with the guidelines of the Common European Framework of References for Languages! There are four different courses to choose from ranging from A1-Beginner 1 to B2-Intermediate 2.Within the courses, we recommend to you which unit to do next by following a board-game style table with tests and gifts along the way!With these new guided courses you are sure to improve your langugae skills quicker than ever!

3. Ranking

Thirdly, you can now see your learning performance compared to other users of the community! The ranking shows your absolute position within the community.This is calculated continuously and the arrows indicate whether you are moving up or down. Your rank is measured by your learning progress and the number of posts you have corrected from other users.Have a look at your current rank here!

4. Premium Membership

And finally we decided to develop additional, exciting new functions and material, which we offer to you at an amazingly good price! Premium Members of have exclusive access to the following features:

  • more audio for all the key phrases and dialogues – audio for more than 3,000 key phrases and 150 dialogues,
  • printable PDFs – containing the vocabulary, key phrases and dialogues for more than 150 units,
  • podcasts for your IPod – containing the vocabulary, key phrases and dialogues for all the units, and finally,
  • more than 35 grammar units – containing examples of the grammar usage of the most important points in grammar in each language.

Take a look at the complete overview of the Premium functions here.

We hope that you enjoy the new grown up as much as we have enjoyed preparing it for you and are looking forward to your feedback!

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