So why does culture matter if all you want to do is speak French?

Here at busuu, we see languages as more of a social and cultural practice than just a set of grammar rules and long lists of vocab. This is why we combine social features and cultural tips with language learning. Discovering a new way of life is one of the most enjoyable parts of learning a […]

Be Brave: What No One Tells You About Making Mistakes


#busuubrave. It’s not just a hashtag – it’s a way of life. Absorbing a language can be a daunting task. Grammar can be grim; vocab can be vexing – but we want you to know that it’s ok to make mistakes. Even though our team is made up of many different language speakers, we still […]

Do you need more reasons to learn a foreign language?

Learning a foreign language is always a good idea! It can benefit you in many different ways, whether these are personal, professional or even health benefits. HEALTH REASONS: There are plenty of studies out there that show how learning a new language can benefit you in diverse ways. Bilingualism carries benefits associated with the aging […]