3 things you can do to brush up on your German

One of the best ways for you to deepen your knowledge of a language is to engage with films, TV series and books. When I was 12, I moved to England for a year with my mother and, by that point, I only spoke a few words of English. I was constantly frustrated and always […]

How you can use goals and incentives to keep you learning more throughout 2015

Some ideas about how you can use busuuGO’s goals, rewards and incentives to keep you motivated to learn more throughout 2015. During busuuGO we’ll be looking at the different things that motivate you, our learners. We want to help you love language learning, get motivation with the help of our wonderful community, set yourself targets […]

An Unusual Language Learning Tip

This week we’ve got a great tip for you. Believe it or not, singing can help you learn a new language. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh found that when different groups of people heard a number of phrases in Hungarian, the people who sang them back had much better recall than the people who […]