7 best languages to learn in 2023

Best languages to learn in 2020

Wondering what the best languages to learn are? You’re not alone… Well, you may be drawn to a foreign language because you’re in love with a culture. Or perhaps you simply like the way it sounds. But maybe you’re a bit more pragmatic. Maybe it’s about maximising your opportunities – for business and work, or […]

World Teachers’ Day 2022: celebrating educators


This year marks the 28th anniversary of World Teachers’ Day, with celebrations taking place across the globe. In 2022, the theme is: “Teachers at the heart of education recovery”.    Teachers work hard to inspire, guide, educate and mentor us every day. Within the world of languages, they help us navigate tricky grammar points, perfect […]

Squid Game’s subtitles: lost in translation?

squid game's subtitles

Popular Netflix show Squid Game has broken viewing records but is now sparking debate over its “botched” subtitles. Whilst viewers can choose to watch dubbed versions of the show, those who rely on English subtitles may find that they aren’t 100% accurate. But exactly how much is getting lost in translation? Are Squid Game’s English […]