busuu.com goes iPad with seven free language learning apps


Thanks to our very active community we had over 1 million downloads of our iPhone apps in the first four months of our mobile launch in October last year. Since then, we have received incredible feedback including many requests for an iPad version. Today, we are very proud to announce the eagerly awaited launch of our seven native iPad apps!

From now on, you can download each app for learning SpanishFrenchGermanItalianPortugueseRussian and English directly onto your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. With the updated version, we have now also created a side bar for easier navigation through the various language courses. Furthermore, we have adapted the screen layouts specifically for the iPad to give you a great user experience.

Every app offers our award-winning audio-visual learning content and can be used without an internet connection.

busuu.com iPad apps for free

Each busuu.com iPhone/iPad application contains:

  • Vocabulary: as with our online language courses, you can flip through more than 3,000 key words and phrases. In addition, all learning content is supported by pictures and professional voice-overs.
  • Dialogue: you will have access to more than 150 dialogues spoken by native speakers as well as multiple choice questions to test your reading comprehension skills.
  • Interactive exercises: you can test yourself with our fun and varied unit reviews!
  • Mistakes overview: the application stores all of your test mistakes to help you focus on your weaknesses and progress much faster with your language learning.

Earn even more busuu-berries on the move!

Best of all, you can also earn juicy busuu-berries  while using our new iPhone/iPad app! Simply synchronise the app with your online busuu.com profile and your new busuu-berries will be added automatically. This means that you can switch seamlessly between learning on the iPhone/iPad and the busuu.com website!

The free version of each app includes full access to 20 learning units (5 units at each level). The complete, paid-for content offers vocabulary units (with more than 3,000 words and phrases), grammar units, 150 dialogues and hundreds of interactive exercises. This can be activated by paying just 2.99 EUR per learning level or 12.00 EUR for each entire course.

So, keep improving your language skills and earning busuu-berries while on the bus, on the metro or wherever you are by downloading our free iPhone/iPad application now! You can also click on the pictures or follow the links below to download each iPhone/iPad application from the iTunes store for free:


We are sure that you will enjoy very much our new iPhone/iPad applications and that they will further improve your language learning experience with busuu.com.

More exciting updates coming soon! Stay curious!


  1. When I correct the posts of other busuu members on my iPad I do not have the ability to bold, italicize, hightlight, etc. I have this ability on my desktop but not on my iPad.


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