busuu and Google will go together


Google announced busuu as one of the launch partners for Google Assistant. We will work with Google on the voice-based AI (artificial intelligence) service to provide a revolutionary – and natural – way to learn a language. The news was announced during the “Made by Google” event on 5th of September. Among other partners are Spotify, Netflix, LinkedIn, CNN, etc.  

“Assistant” is the name of Google’s artificial intelligence service. It will be able to lead long conversations with users, determine the flow of information.

Google is aiming to provide the same Google Assistant experience across Android and Google-based devices. They include Google Pixel (smartphone), Google Home (wi-fi speaker and smartphone control centre, accessible by all the family), Google Allo (smart chart app). 

Check the video to see how Assistant works

Google presented “Assistant” on 4th of October during “Made by Google” event. Alongside we saw the range of other new products: two new Google’s smartphones (The Pixel and Pixel XL), Google Daydream (new virtual reality device), Google Home, Google Wi-Fi, etc. 

Stay tuned, more information is coming!

Harriet is busuu’s Senior English Language Expert. She is from a little village near Stratford-upon-Avon, England, and studied French and Spanish at university in Southampton. Then she went to live in France where she started teaching English. She loves cooking and eating food from different cuisines and singing with her choir.


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