Closer than ever - our 70m language learners

November 10, 2023

We’re reinventing the social experience on busuu by allowing you to connect with other language learners.

You’ll have noticed that we’ve recently launched some cool new community features to our iOS and Android apps like how you connect and find people, replies and Best Correction awards – all of which have been a huge hit so far.

Our latest addition is the functionality to add Friends on mobile. This means you can create lasting friendships, and make regular exchanges with native speakers of the language you are learning.

How does this help me?

You can now visit other learners’ profiles and add them as friends. Correct their exercises and send them yours. By actively using the language you learn you’ll become fluent faster.

How does it work?

Step 1. Keep in touch

You can now add other busuu learners as friends from their profile, by tapping on “Add friend”. Once your request is accepted, you can see your friends’ writing exercises in the “Friends” tab and send correction requests.

Step 2. Learn together

After you’ve submitted a Writing exercise, you can choose up to 5 friends to send it to and they will be notified. You can also see the Writing exercises they have submitted in the “Friends” feed in “Help Others” so you’re always able to help them.

Step 3. Always up to date

Finally, we’ve added a Notification Center so you can keep track of all your interactions with our wonderful community.

Download the busuu app to try our new social features or just open it if you already have it installed.

If you don’t have our mobile app, you can download our iOS or Android versions here. Start making friends all over the world today!

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