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November 10, 2023

Many people have improved their language skills with busuu. But, for some of our users, busuu has impacted more than just their language learning!

Day Fraga,

A busuuer from Brazil, has been learning English on busuu for more than 7 years. She has met people from all over the world, but, two years ago, one of these friends became her boyfriend!

The couple haven’t met each other yet, as he is from the USA and she lives in Brazil, but they are currently planning their first face-to-face encounter.

Love is in the air!  😀 

Mario Alberto Morales

A user from Mexico city has been using busuu for years to improve his French.

He loves correcting others who are learning Spanish, and through doing this, he met Jean Noel, a busuuer from Ivory Coast. They got along really well from the word “go” and wanted to discover more about each other’s culture.

A great example of two different worlds, connected by busuu.

Learning a new language helps you learn about new cultures and open your mind.

Jānis Jāņadēl

A user from Latvia started using busuu in 2013 to learn Spanish so he could speak with his Spanish friends and aid his professional career. He has now completely finished the busuu iOS App!

He loves learning with busuu on his way to work or when he’s on the go. Now that he’s completed the App, he has moved onto the website, where there are more materials.

He is planning to try German next!

Thank you for helping to make busuu so special over the last 8 years, and for growing and learning with us.

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