busuu.com for friends party


Last Saturday, we celebrated the “busuu.com for friends party” here in the center of Madrid!

We basically had two reasons to have a party: First, our community recently welcomed the 1,000th user!!! We are really happy with this strong growth and it’s a very nice feeling to see that people are actually using and are having fun with what we are doing.

Second, we wanted to thank all our friends who have been supporting us strongly with busuu.com during the last few months. In times of economic crises and a difficult job market situation it’s not an easy decision to “pull the plug” and go for a web 2.0 venture! Therefore, it’s even more motivating if your friends believe in you and help you out by inviting their friends to our website, give us valuable feedback or simply have some beers with us when its more than needed! 😉

Here is a picture of the party:

It was really a GREAT party and I think there is a reason that things are going a bit slow this Monday morning! 😉


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