busuu.com in The Guardian


Recently we had the chance to do an interview for the “elevator pitch section” of the guardian.co.uk with Jemima Kiss to tell their readers a little more about busuu.com. Within that section, great new start-ups get the chance to present their company every week.

The term “elevator pitch” is a concise description of a company. The name reflects the fact that a pitch of a start-up should be delivered in the duration of an elevator ride with e.g. a potential investor. So, you only have very limited time to explain what your company is about in order to get e.g. the business card of that person at the end of your ride!

It makes us really proud to see such a prestigious newspaper showing interest in our start-up! Here you can read the complete article.

Check out as well the full press coverage of busuu.com – more and more media seem to be interested in what we are doing! 🙂


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