busuu.com @ LeWeb Paris


The busuu.com team has just come back from an inspiring visit to Le Web Paris – an internet conference in Paris hosted by Loic le Meur, a famous blogger, entrepreneur and founder of the video blogging website seesmic.

During the conference, we were able to attend various highly interesting presentations from big corporations such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, entrepreneurs or business angels (such as Yossi Vardi or Martin Varsavsky), venture capitalists or up-and-coming new startups.

As well as being a new venture, it was really inspiring to get in touch with so many young entrepreneurs from around the world who all believe strongly in their great ideas. Just to mention one very impressive project (which also won the start-up competition), Viewdle, a Ukranian start-up which offers highly advanced software for facial recognition within videos.

Additionally it was interesting to learn how many people already know our website busuu.com and we received great feedback for what we have been doing so far.

To sum up, even if there was some criticism in the blogosphere about the internet connectionthe food supply or the heating during the conference, we definitely returned from Paris, not only with great inspiration from other companies, but also with a lot of motiviation to further improve our website!


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