#busuuMadeMe: What has busuu made US do?

November 10, 2023

So, this January at busuu has been all about language learning stories to get us motivated through the winter months. We’ve been interested in what busuu has helped you do. You’ve told us some fab stories – now it’s time for me to share with you some of ours! After all, we’re all in this together! So I caught up with four of my colleagues from different teams here at the office to find out what busuu has made them do or achieve…

Elisa, one of our French Language Experts, is learning Spanish with the app. Working at busuu inspired her to learn a new language because she realised that most of her colleagues in the office speak more than three! She set herself a target to finish A2 level by the end of 2017…and she did it! busuu made her feel brave enough to practise her Spanish pronunciation without feeling embarrassed about her accent. Knowing that so many other people in the community were going through the same challenges made her feel reassured and comfortable to have a go herself. And of course it’s made her able to eavesdrop on Spanish conversations in the office!

Neil, our Senior Product Manager for Learning Experience is learning French on busuu. He started learning the language because his children are learning it at school and he wanted to join in with them as a family pursuit. He also hopes to visit friends in France later this year without feeling, I quote, “like a useless Englishman!”. busuu has made him feel like he can actually converse with people without feeling shy, it’s given him the opportunity to improve his listening skills and it has made him feel part of a community of other learners who are on a similar journey!

Lea, our Head of Marketing, started learning Russian on busuu because she learnt it at school when growing up in East Germany but had forgotten almost all of it. She wanted to get back on track and say more than just “I have brown hair”! busuu has made her feel confident about speaking and has made her get out of her comfort zone. So much so, she has even started to have proper conversations in Russian!

Finally, for Richard, one of our Junior API Engineers, busuu has made him closer to his girlfriend’s family. He started learning German on the app because his girlfriend is from Hamburg and he wanted to be able to understand her background more and meet her family. He had a basic knowledge of the language from taking language classes, but busuu has helped him brush up on his vocabulary and recap on essential grammar points. He even managed to chat with all the family in German over Christmas!

Well, that’s just some of our stories to inspire you, but we still want to hear more of yours! Comment and share your experience of learning a language with busuu and how it has helped you on your language learning journey. Don’t forget to add a hashtag #busuuMadeMe

Happy learning!

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