Busuu’s got a new HQ – Goodbye Old Street, Hello Finsbury Square!


Over the last few years we have been growing our team size more than 5x, so we urgently needed a new home!

Busuu’s old office had served its purpose for the past 5 and a half years, and while it had become our home, it really started to feel like a little nest in the end! We were running out of desk space, meeting rooms and breakout areas, so in the last year we had to have additional overflow space in a co-working office next door.

After looking at more than 40 different offices, we finally found our new HQ in Finsbury Square, a prime location in the bustling City of London. We now have three times the square footage and are spoiled for space!

So what’s the key to a successful office move, you may wonder?

  • Being extremely organised – German style 😀
  • Keeping calm
  • Having support from all your team members
  • Having an amazing estate agent
  • Working with a reliable fit-out company

And, not forgetting the support of some of my lovely team members who gave up their Saturday to help unpack all our things (whilst demolishing a few pizzas along the way, of course!)

In our new office we have built a dedicated auditorium and an all-hands area for our team meetings, as well as a massive breakout kitchen with double the fridge and cupboard space.

We’ve also added lots of whiteboards and collaborative areas to allow teams to work together and share ideas. One of our product managers has already said that this alone has increased his productivity in the first 2 weeks!

And, the best bit, the team can now work from our amazing roof terrace, overlooking Finsbury Square and with a fantastic view of the former Triton Court. The statue on top of the globe is Mercury (or Hermes), the messenger and God of profitable trade. May this be a good omen for us to grow and thrive in our new HQ!

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