Get the new ‘super corrector’ badge for your profile!


Making mistakes is an important part of learning languages and learning in general. When we correct them, we understand our error, we remember what to do next time and we don’t repeat the mistake.

That’s why you should help other people learning your language by correcting their exercises in a clear and constructive way.

  • Use the toolbar above the correction area to highlight any mistakes – for example, put them in bold or in a bright colour.
    Correction toolbar
  • Explain why you’ve highlighted the word or phrase and suggest a better alternative.
  • Give the post’s author a tip to help him avoid making mistakes
  • Leave an encouraging note to the post’s author to help them stay motivated and continue learning! correction

And when you’ve done a good job by providing useful corrections, other members of the community can give you a ‘thumbs up’! You could even win one of our new badges for your profile:

  • super corrector super corrector (more than 1,000 thumbs up)
  • very helpful corrector very helpful corrector (500-999 thumbs up)
  • helpful corrector helpful corrector (50-499 thumbs up)

Plus, if at least 3 people give you a ‘thumbs up’, you will get 5 extra busuu-berries busuu-berry.

But be careful with your corrections, you can also receive a ‘thumbs down’ thumbs down! This means that your corrections need to improve.

So should you see this badge thumbs down on your profile, just follow our tips on how to make helpful corrections and collect some more ‘thumbs up’. As soon as you have more ‘thumbs up’ than ‘thumbs down’, the badge will disappear and you’re on your way to becoming a super corrector super corrector.

Start correcting now to win lots of ‘thumbs up’ and become a super corrector super corrector in no time!


  1. Thank you team. I was thinking of writing to you to suggest this very thing! I rather suspect that most members do not use the thumbs up or thumbs down facility and I am not aware of any way that the corrector can be aware of its use. I have had many compliments for my corrections but I have never seen an activated thumbs sign.

  2. Buena motivación!! buena idea! pero por qué no esa insignia no es cambiada por la que se tiene (la piz, boligrafo,etc…)a los miembros? sería ideal!

  3. Gosto de fazer correções e sou grata a todos que me ajudam a aprender, corrigindo meus erros. Não entendia o símbolo dos polegares, mas agora que recebi esse e-mail da equipe do busuu,vou me esforçar para melhorar. Estou me familiarizando aos poucos com a internet e seus recursos,para poder aprender e participar mais.
    Como faço para corrigir os exercícios atrasados? Muito obrigado IVANETE

  4. Great! The more badges you introduce, the more people participate in activities. The only thing I would like to ask is to return the old smaller icons of “like” and “dislike”, now they are a little bit annoying

  5. I fully agree with Maurice, and, furthermore, when I want to vote for a thumb up, you ask me to log in, but there isn’t a way to do it.
    What do I have to do to vote?

  6. @niki yes, in order to vote for a correction you have to be logged in to your account. Once you’re logged in, you can vote by clicking on the thumbs up or thumbs down next to the correction post. For more information you can also have a look at our help section.

  7. I find this feature very useful and I think busuu should stick to the bigger thumbs icons. I noticed an increased use of them after the big icons were introduced

    But Maurice has definitively a point, only very few members use this functionality. Anyway, due to the publicity via email and blog I think it will spread 🙂

    Another problem: some members don´t correct at all and just paste the exercise or change a letter. I think there should be a check if the correction differs significantly from the exercise.


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