Count down to Christmas with busuu!


Are you getting ready for lots of Christmas fun? At busuu, we’ve created two special learning  activities to look forward to each day: our Language Advent Calendar and a Christmas Learning Unit!

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Language Advent Calendar

Do you have a traditional calendar with chocolates? For each day of the busuu Language Advent Calendar, we will add an equally delicious Christmas-related post to the busuu Facebook page.

You’ll learn new words or phrases related to the festive season, or find out fun facts about how different cultures around the world celebrate this winter holiday with their own unique traditions.

The busuu Language Advent Calendar runs 1-24 December. To take part and learn something every day (perhaps while eating your chocolate!), head over to busuu on Facebook.

Christmas Learning Unit

We also have a special Christmas Learning Unit with all the usual fun activities: new vocabulary, a dialogue, a writing exercise and a chance to chat with native speakers using busuutalk.

You’ll learn all the main words associated with this festive season, so that you can express your views about Christmas when writing or talking with friends. Try the Christmas Learning Unit now!

Language of the Month

Because we have so many exciting things planned for busuu in December and January, Language of the Month will be taking a short break to make space for our other news.

It will return in February with a recap of our language of the month for November (Japanese) and an introduction to the next one. So stay tuned and be sure to keep following busuu on Facebook!

Get involved! What do you think?

We’d love to find out if you celebrate Christmas – or a different winter festival – and what you, your friends and family do. Add your comments to this post or on Facebook to share your holiday with the busuu community!



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