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Make your profile stand out with a new feature on!

If you’re a Premium MemberPremium Member, you can now create a Photo Gallery to share your favourite images with our community.

My Photo Gallery

You will have the option to show a larger profile photo and you can display up to three pictures in your Photo Gallery. This new feature is part of your profile page and will be visible to members only.

Give your profile a personal touch in three easy steps:

  1. Click on Edit below your profile picture
  2. Click on upload photo and choose a picture
  3. Click on submit

Photo settings

You will now see your updated profile with the Photo Gallery and a large profile photo. Click on each picture to see it enlarged, the “next” button enables you to easily navigate through the Photo Gallery. Of course, you can change the pictures whenever you like, so that your profile is always up to date!

And if you’re not a Premium MemberPremium Member yet, upgrade now from only 4.99 EUR per month to start customising your profile!

Have fun updating your profile on!



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