Develop good language-learning habits


The trick for successfully learning any language is to develop good habits from the start. At busuu, we want you to stay motivated and have fun while achieving your personal goals. Here are our top tips to help you reach them!


Top language-learning habits

1. Listen as often as you can

Listening to native speakers is crucial for learning a language. You can easily do this even if you don’t live in the country of your target language, thanks to lots of useful online resources.

Try listening to TV shows, podcasts or videos like busuu’s ‘London Central’. Or go to our busuu Live Units for more fun videos to watch.

2. Practise with native speakers

The best tutors are native speakers themselves, so try to talk or interact with them as often as possible. With the busuu chat tool, you can do this from the comfort of your own home!

Speaking will help you to improve your pronunciation, but you can also better your fluency through writing. Complete a Writing exercise on busuu and our community’s native speakers will give you helpful, positive feedback.

3. Track your progress

Learning a new language is a challenge, so be persistent and you’ll reap the rewards. Study and practise regularly, and track your progress using My Goal on busuu.

By setting and achieving your own aims, you’ll feel motivated to carry on learning. It also means that you’ll be more likely to study a language consistently, for even faster results!


What good habits do you have?

It’s helpful to hear about other people’s good habits. What are your tips for staying motivated or learning faster? Do you have any funny stories about your experiences? Tell us in the comments!



  1. Its a very good pièce of advice to learn any new language one need to pe always connected in some or the other way, Be It listening, talking, writing or Reading all the best for all language learner.

    Archanaa Mignet

  2. I like to learn English by mail and on line but I don’t know how to be on line. I read your suggestions and will continue with you .Please teach me and tell my mistakes where I am wrong. My son and daughters always asked me to learn English but I can’t go anywhere because of my guilty that Ican’t speak English among anyone. They all are wellquallified . I also M.A. in Hindi.I want help . I will be very grateful to you .
    Thank you.

    • Hi Uma,
      Thanks for your comment.
      You can sign up for free to learn English on and practise with over 30 million other people around the world.
      Sunny greetings,
      The Busuu Team

  3. i’m so thankful to be one of the recipient of this inspiring tips on how to become a fluent in speaking english language ihope you will send me more tips for me to become succesful in my daily endeavor

  4. I am very happy to recieve this tip. I would like to be fluent in English. So your initiative is welcome. Little by little I am on my way to achieve my goal. The secret to go ahead in any language is : try every daybecause practice makes man perfect. As french people, we have no choice nowadays. I encourage everyboby try day in day out. You are bless


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