Test your English, French, Spanish & German level online

November 10, 2023

Starting a new language can be daunting. You don’t want to go in over your head. But you also want to stretch yourself. Not too hot, not too cold – it needs to be just right.

So, Busuu has a new feature to help – language-level tests online, available for all our 12 available language courses, from English, French, Spanish and German to Japanese and Turkish, and a handful more.

Our adaptive algorithm 

Our brand new Placement Test will place you at the exact right lesson in our English, French, Spanish and German courses (stay tuned for the other languages).

But how?!

Well, we’ve come up with a cool way of adjusting to your learning. Using an adaptive algorithm, the test gets easier or harder depending on how many questions you get right. It’s a quick and accurate way to help you make the best start with Busuu.

Intrigued? Test your language level today and give the test a go.

Our test

Don’t be too worried about this being an English, French or German level ‘test’.. It’s about placing you at the right level. If anything, it means you don’t have to go back over old material you already know.

The average level test, whether for English, Spanish, German or Japanese, takes 10 minutes (although if you’re at an intermediate level, it can take a little longer). Each question is timed to make it fair. We recommend you do it somewhere quiet, where you can concentrate – and remember, you’ll need headphones or speakers to hear the audio elements.

You’ll be tested on vocabulary, grammar, reading and comprehension.

At the end we’ll tell you your grade based on the CEFR (that’s the Common European Framework of Reference) and place you in a lesson.

Previous lessons will reflect your placement test result by being marked 100%. You can still take these lessons as a refresher if you want to cram.

OK – let’s do this!

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