Challenge your friends to win 50 busuu-berries!


Do you have a competitive spirit? You can now challenge your friends on! See who’s learning languages faster and get 50 juicy busuu-berries busuu-berry if you win the challenge!

To challenge a friend you just need to:

  1. Click on the new challenge icon busuu Challenge on your friend’s profile
  2. If your friend accepts the challenge, click on “Go
  3. Finish the three units assigned to you plus the test in less than 24 hours

busuu Challenge

The busuu Challenge is available to everybody, Premium Members Premium Member and basic members. Start a busuu challenge now!

As a reward you will get 50 busuu-berries busuu-berry if you win! But be careful, if you lose the challenge, you will also lose 50 busuu-berries busuu-berry.

Go to your course area and click on “busuu Challenge” in the new menu section “Fun and Games”. In your current challenge, you will see how much time is left, how many units you still have to complete and how many units your opponent did so far.

You can also check your challenge history to look at previous challenges or look for new friends to set up a new challenge with, if you’re currently not challenging anybody.

What are you waiting for? Challenge a friend and encourage him to do 3 learning units within 24 hours! If you both win, you both get 50 busuu-berries busuu-berry! Good luck!


  1. Buenas noches baje el programa y y comprado los primiun de las lecciones me aparecio una actual inaction del curso y ahora todo esta en ingles ya no me aparecen las traduciones como puedo hacer para volver a la version anterior. Gracias de antemano

    Maria Xavier

    • Hola,

      ¡Enhorabuena ya eres un miembro Premium!. Para cambiar el idioma de interfaz tiene que pinchar en configuración y allí elegir español como idioma de interfaz.

      ¡Esperamos que esta información sea útil y que disfrutes aprendiendo con nosotros!

      Saludos desde la soleada Madrid,
      The team

  2. I was just wondering if Busuu will be getting any new languages?

    Learning Japanese with Busuu has been really easy for me and I was interested in possibly doing Korean the same way.

    It would be great if Busuu got Korean!

    • Hello mouanji,

      You should try learning a language with busuu it’s fun and you can learn with the help of native speakers. Have a look at our page You can register for free.

      Ciao for now,


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