Get ready for your holidays with our updated Travel Course!


With summer nearly here, it is time to decide on where to go for your holidays! To help you get ready, we have updated our popular Travel Course and added a new dialogue feature to prepare you for relevant conversation topics.

Our interactive Travel Course contains all of the essential words and expressions you need to know when you travel abroad. It also includes a very useful PDF
containing survival phrases to carry around. The Travel Course is available in all nine languages offered on

You can access the Travel Course in three easy ways:

1. Invite your friends
For free access to our Travel Course, simply invite 10 of your friends to join Invite them directly via our website and once they have signed up, you will get access straight away!

2. Buy it online now
If you can not wait to try our new course, you can get immediate access to the Travel Course in all languages by buying it online for only 9.99 EUR!

3. Become a Premium user
Premium users have free access to the Travel Course, which has automatically been added to the existing Premium features. So upgrade your account to enjoy our full range of learning tools!

So, have fun preparing yourself for your holidays with our updated Travel Course!


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