How to say goodbye in 29 different languages

November 10, 2023

Struggling to say so long? While we can’t make letting go or leaving home any easier, we can teach you how to say goodbye in 29 different languages. 

While some of them will be easier to learn than others, whether you’re looking to say ‘farewell’ in French, ‘goodbye’ in Japanese, or ‘see you later, alligator’ in Turkish, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how to say goodbye in 29 different languages

1. Arabic

Say “goodbye” (formal):

إلى اللقاء

Say “bye” (informal): 


Say “see you soon”: 

سأراك لاحقًا

2. Bengali

Say “goodbye” (formal): আসি, চলি।

Say “bye” (informal): টাটা

Say “see you soon”: আবার দেখা হবে / শিঘ্রই দেখা হবে

3. Burmese

Say “goodbye” (formal): နှုတ်ဆက်ပါတယ်

Say “bye” (informal): ဘိုင်

Say “see you soon”: ပြန်တွေ့ကြမယ်

4. Chinese

Say “goodbye” (formal): 再见

Say “bye” (informal): 拜拜

Say “see you soon”: 待会儿见

5. Czech

Say “goodbye” (formal): na shledanou 

Say “bye” (informal): nashle

Say “see you soon”: zatím

6. Dutch

Say “goodbye” (formal): Tot ziens

Say “bye” (informal): Doei

Say “see you soon”: Tot snel

7. Ways to say goodbye in English

There are many creative ways to say goodbye in English. For example…

  • Goodbye
  • Bye
  • See you later
  • Farewell
  • Ta-ta
  • Later, skater
  • Anon!

Up for a challenge?

From here on, some of the goodbyes are in languages that are a bit harder to learn, but they’re also some of the best languages to learn. And we know you can do it, because we see learners master tricky languages on Busuu every day! 

In fact, why stop at goodbye? Try learning a new language for free on Busuu today.

8. French

Say “goodbye”: Au revoir

Say “see you soon”: À bientôt/À plus

9. German

Say “goodbye” (formal): Auf Wiedersehen

Say “bye” (informal): Tschüss

Say “see you soon”: Bis bald

10. Greek

Say “goodbye” (formal): γεια σου

Say “bye” (informal): γεια

Say “see you soon”: τα λέμε σύντομα

11. Hindi (Sanskritised Hindustani)

Say “goodbye” (formal): अलविदा

Say “bye” (informal): बाय 

Say “see you soon”: फिर मिलते हैं (Literal meaning: will meet again)

12. Hungarian

Say “goodbye” (formal): Viszontlátásra!

Say “bye” (informal): Szia!

13. Igbo 

Say “goodbye” (formal): Gàa nke ọma

Say “bye” or “see you soon”: Gàanụ

14. Indonesian 

Say “goodbye” (formal): Selamat tinggal

Say “bye” (informal): Dah

Say “see you soon”: Sampai bertemu lagi/sampai jumpa

15. Italian

Say “goodbye” (formal): Arrivederci

Say “bye” (informal): Ciao

Say “see you soon”: Ci vediamo

16. Japanese

Say “goodbye” (formal): さようなら

Say “bye” (informal): バイバイ

Say “see you soon”: また会いましょう / じゃあね

17. Korean

Say “goodbye” (formal): 안녕히 계세요

Say “bye” (informal): 안녕

Say “see you soon”: 나중에 또 보자 / 잘 가

18. Malay 

Say “goodbye” (formal): Selamat tinggal

Say “bye” (informal): Pergi dulu ya

Say “see you soon”: Jumpa lagi nanti

19. Persian (Iranian Persian or Farsi)

Say “goodbye”:


Say “see you soon”: 

به‌زودی می‌بینمتون/ به‌زودی می‌بینمت

21. Polish

Say “goodbye” (formal): Do widzenia

Say “bye” (informal): Pa

Say “see you soon”: Do zobaczenia wkrótce / Na razie

22.  Portuguese (Brazilian)

Say “goodbye” (formal): Adeus

Say “bye” (informal): Tchau

Say “see you soon”: Até logo / Até mais

23. Russian

Say “goodbye” (formal): До свидания

Say “bye” (informal): Увидимся

Say “see you soon”: Пока

24. Spanish

Say “goodbye” (formal): Adiós

Say “bye” (informal): Hasta luego

Say “see you soon”: Nos vemos

25. Tagalog

Say “goodbye” (formal): Paalam

Say “bye” (informal): Babay

Say “see you soon”: Kita-kits (Note: very informal, bordering on slang)

26. Thai

Say “goodbye” (formal): ลาก่อน

Say “bye” (informal): บ๊ายบาย

Say “see you soon”: แล้วเจอกัน

27. Turkish

Say “goodbye” (formal): Hoşça kalın

Say “bye” (informal): Bay bay

Say “see you soon”: Görüşürüz

28. Ukrainian

Say “goodbye” (formal): До побачення

Say “bye” (informal): Бувайте

Say “see you soon”: Побачимося / До скорого

29. Vietnamese

Say “goodbye”: Tạm biệt 

Say “see you soon”: Hẹn gặp lại

Now you know how to say goodbye in different languages

How do you feel – ready to bid farewell? Say adieu? Well, maybe we should just stick with ‘see you later.’

Or, how about we keep this learning train going?

You can learn all sorts of greetings – and so much more – when you learn a language on Busuu.

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