How to say "I love you" in 12 different languages

November 10, 2023

If 2023 is the year you’ve decided you’re going to learn how to say “I love you” in French, or another language that sounds just as romantic, then look no further.

From Italian to Turkish and from Vietnamese to Korean, here’s how to say “I love you” in 12 different languages.

Here’s a list of ways to say “I love you” in different languages

1. French

  • Je t’aime. (I love you.)
  • J’aime être à tes côtés. (I love being by your side.)
  • Je veux passer plus de temps avec toi. (I want to spend more time with you.)

2. Italian

  • Ti amo. (I love you.)

3. Chinese (Mandarin)

  • 我爱你 [Wǒ ài nǐ ] (I love you.)

4. German

  • Ich liebe dich. (I love you.)
  • Ich hab dich lieb. (I really like you.)
  • Ich steh auf dich. (I’m into you.)

5. Japanese

  • 愛してる [Aishiteru] (I love you. Note: this isn’t used very often!)
  • あなたが大好きです [Anata ga daisuki desu] (I like you a lot. Note: this is more commonly used.)

6. Korean

  • 사랑해요 [Saranghaeyo] (I love you.)

7. Polish

  • Kocham Cię. (I love you.)

8. Portuguese

  • Eu te amo (I love you.)

9. Russian

  • Я люблю тебя. [Ya lyublyu tyebya.] (I love you.)
  • Ты – моя любовь на всю жизнь. [Ty maya lyubov’ na vsyu zhizn.] (You are the love of my life.)

10. Spanish

  • Te amo. / Te quiero. (I love you in Latin America / Spain).
  • Me encantas. (I really like you.)
  • Me vuelves loco / loca. (I’m crazy about you.)

11. Vietnamese

  • Anh yêu em. (I love you.)

12. Turkish

  • Seni seviyorum. (I love you.)
  • Senden çok hoşlanıyorum. (I really like you.)
  • Sana aşığım. (I’m in love with you.)

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