Halloween 101 from the busuu team


Are you ready for the day that marks the single night in the year when, according to old Celtic beliefs, spirits and the dead can cross over into the world of the living?

We will help you a little bit to be prepared for this great festivity.

Oh! Be sure to share with us your scary costumes, pranks and favourite Halloween decorations with #busuuhalloween 🙂

Happy Halloween

Halloween 101 from busuu team

Marta was an Italian Language Expert at busuu. She grew up in Iseo, a small town in the north of Italy and later went to London to study French and Russian at university. As part of her degree she studied in Siberia. She’s an avid rock climber and when she's not busy climbing she enjoys writing, poetry and meditation.


  1. The world view that I hold (Biblical) says that the soul of man after death, departs the body and after judgment, goes to either heaven or hell and does not return to the physical realm except under exceptional Biblical circumstances e.g. Moses and Elijah at the transfiguration.

    No doubt a spiritual world exists. Halloween, a pagan belief, tells another story – that souls bounce between the physical and spiritual realm. I feel that, due to peer pressure, it is wrong that my children should actively be encourage to participate in this pagan, sinister, scary, dark and occult event. By the testimony of practising satanists, somewhere in the world human beings will be sacrificed tonight to celebrate this event. I choose not to be part of this in any way…. even if it looks innocent with lollies and candy.

    And then we get to SUGAR, fructose and glucose….poisoning our bodies and feeding cancer cells…..and that is another story…..

  2. Thanks for remind me of haloween comemoration tonight and for the intersting things you send me .I hope you also have a wonderfull halloween.

  3. I was not born here in USA, however I like this fun spooky celebration. I mixed up with my Dia de los Muertos tradition so, my family and myself have three days of party!! 🙂


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