More reasons to learn a new language


You already know some of the benefits of learning a language – if you’re a member of! But are you aware of some of the less obvious reasons to learn a new language?

We all know some of the main benefits of learning to speak a new language, such as making it easier for you to meet people when travelling, or improving your skills to make your CV stand out.

But there are some more surprising reasons to learn a language . Here are a few suggestions based on recent research – do you have any more benefits to add? Let us know in the comments!


Languages benefits

Develop understanding and respect

By speaking another community’s language, you can really get to understand its culture and traditions. This in turn helps you to develop a fresh perspective on the world and respect for other people – and that can only be a good thing.

Improve your brain power

Learning a language could improve your brain power. A  Swedish study has shown that learning a new language in a short period of time can make specific parts of the brain get bigger.

What’s more, if you learn a foreign language for 4 years or more, you could outperform your colleagues or classmates in other areas.

Keep your health for longer

Further research suggests that people who speak two or more languages are 4 times less likely to have a cognitive impairment. You could help delay the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Learn a third language more easily

Are you finding it difficult to learn a second language? Keep working, because studies have shown that once you’ve mastered this one, you’ll find it easier to learn a third language!

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What benefits have you experienced from learning a new language? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. (1) You are always ahead of other colleagues
    (2) It gives the advantage of acquiring more vocaburary
    (3) Helps you understand other cultures
    (4) It helps a lot when you travel away from home
    (5) It opens up one’s brain.

  2. I want to speak people on the world. I want to exchange knowledge and culture. I know more reasons to learn a new language and benefit of learning new language from your post and thank you so much. I want to be a premium member,but I have a problem how to pay premium fee.I have not used card.I hope that I must become a premium member at one day.

  3. Je cherche un dictionnaire Français/Savoyard et je ne trouve que des lexiques très sommaires Savoyard/Français. Où trouver çà ?

  4. learning another language in that way, can help us to meet very interesting people with our same interests. When You do an exercise , You feel that you’re not alone, always there is someone ready to help You.

  5. I Learning englesh because is importante in my life for comunication with other people no speak potugues in Angola and outsid.

  6. Mi piace tantissimo busuu, sembra poco più di un gioco ma è molto efficiente. in meno di 2 mesi ho percorso 2 livelli di spagnolo e adesso ci riesco a parlare con degli amici in spagnolo 🙂

  7. i want learn english, but i have a big problem i do not know your program onli comercials and when i can recive my class. never

  8. YES, I think that learning a language is a good terapy “anti-Alzheimer”. I began studying arabic last year (now i’m 64).Difficult but fascinating language

  9. Io specialmente ho trovato molti benefici di quelli anche da Voi elencati. Infatti mi ha permesso di tenere duro in alcune lingue e solo allo scopo di migliorare oppure di ricordare con grande sforzo termini difficili in alcune lingue in cui mi sono iscritto e non conoscevo nulla .
    Grazie per avermi aiutato e compreso.

  10. I wish to learn an English spoken language because, not looking that learned it at school and in college, talk in English I can not also English speech not I see. And it would be desirable! For travel, for acquaintances, for increase of the educational level, the self-assessment, for a possibility to read through the research paper.

  11. penso che la prima cosa da insegnareadf uno studente di lingue straniere sia l’alfabeto e nonb la conversazione- se non ho la chiave bnon posso entrare in un altro mondo –attivsatevu

  12. yes, I learn english to understanding culture and traditions communities speaking english but also benefit to me about business

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