New animated language garden online!


Sweating through the hot summer in Madrid has finally paid off….we are very happy to announce the launch of the new animated language garden!!

The new language garden contains the following functions:

  1. Let your trees grow!
The more learning units you have finished and the more active you are within the community, the bigger your language tree will be. Your performance will be thereby directly compared to the community.
  2. Get some gifts for your Language Garden!
Of course you will be rewarded for your efforts! For every five learning units you successfully complete, you will receive a gift for your language garden. Surprise yourself with what you can find in your garden.
  3. Fight the bugs!
Whenever you make mistakes within the review session, nasty bugs will attack your trees. If you don’t study your vocabulary properly, your trees will be slowly eaten up…

We are very convinced that with these innovations, learning languages at will be even more fun and motivating.

Hopefully you will like it and as always we look forward to your comments!


  1. Hi krizhna,
    the apples now represent the number of writing exercises you have corrected! For every 10 posts you correct, you get 1 additional apple!
    Thanks for the nice feedback!

  2. When will new languages be available. My friends want to learn Korean and Japanese but they can’t.

    Caramel Benecceli

  3. Hello, i just wanted to congratulate the busuu team for the wonderful job. Besides funny, busuu helps people expand their culture and “intelligence” by teaching them new languages, take me as an example, I’ve been a member since 3 days and i already feel like speaking italian!


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