Personalised language learning on the go with busuu and Now cards

Busuu users can check their progress at any time, receive recommendations for upcoming exercises or simply get inspired by the Word of the Day on their way to work.

Keep your language learning on track with Now cards from the new Google app, you can read more here!

If you have the busuu app, you can now check your progress, get recommendations for objectives and lessons or get inspired by the Word of the Day.

Download the busuu app here to get helpful information right when you need it with Now cards!

Just tap the Google app icon on your Android device to get started!

Continue your language learning today!


Kirsten is the Head of Education at busuu. She is from the Scottish highlands where she grew up. She studied philosophy at university in Edinburgh and then got a TEFL certificate and went to China to teach English. She has been learning languages online and creating digital learning courses around the world for 17 years and is about to start studying for an MSc in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching at Oxford University. Outside of work she is a yoga enthusiast and a keen gardener. She also loves spending time with her two border terriers!


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