Memorise vocab faster with busuu’s new feature!

November 10, 2023

Did you know when it comes to language learning the best technique is having constant access to words and expressions you need most?

As soon as we found this out we wanted to add it into your learning experience with us! So, like in any good relationship, we’ve worked at fitting into your life better.

We’ve got free downloads for you to print out so you can keep busuu’s bite-sized lessons pinned to your wall, fridge, or by the loo. Instant access, everywhere you look.

By printing words, key phrases, and translations you can make sure you’re never without a handy reference. As a bonus, you’ll get transcripts of dialogues and grammar tips. So, even when your mobile runs out of juice you can have a back-up busuu guide – wherever you are.

It’s your chance to master a language, your way!

This feature is available for Premium users on our web platform for all languages.

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