Small things make a big difference

November 10, 2023

We believe a huge thank you is in order…

As you might remember, in December 2014, we collaborated with the Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC) to try and make a positive difference to children’s lives. For every Premium Membership sold until 20 December, busuu made a donation to CAPEC.

The school is located in Central Cameroon, in a remote farming village called Nkolfoulou, and provides education for children whose families are unable to send their children to schools further away from the family home.

Small things make a big difference

For every Premium membership that was bought in that time, we were able to sponsor a week of education for a child in Cameroon, as well as buy educational material for the school to give them an education and better future.

Your help made a huge difference for these children:

As you can see from the images you helped you to provide new computers, printers, water containers and books for the pupils and teachers at the school.


“Education is the key to a better future – for children, for their parents, and for the entire country.”


A big thank you from Cameroon

The teachers and organisers from CAPEC were delighted with all of these new resources, knowing how much of a difference they will make to the pupils’ education.

Last year you helped us build a school, this year you’ve sponsored weeks of education and material for the school… We at busuu can’t wait for next year’s campaign!

All of these important achievements wouldn’t have been possible without you busuuers, who really showed true community spirit and have made a real difference to children’s lives!

So from all of us at busuu, CAPEC and everyone at the school, a huge and well deserved thank you!

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