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We have made some improvements to our language courses to make your learning experience even more fun and diverse. If you are a Premium member, you can now  comment on videos in our intermediate courses on Our community’s native speakers can then correct your comments. Of course, you will be rewarded with busuu-berries for your efforts!

Simply click on the new icon in your course structure for direct access to the Live Units, which contain videos from well-known sources such as CNN, France 24 and Europa Aktuell. If you are learning English, you can also comment on news articles from The Guardian newspaper. As always, you can send your writing exercise to your friends or other native speakers of our community.

The video-based learning tool is designed to strengthen your listening comprehension and to provide you with interesting videos on a wide range of topics like news, sports, travelling, etc.

For English learners, we also offer our fantastic The Guardian news articles which will help you improve your reading comprehension. If you stumble across an unknown word, just look it up in the integrated dictionary provided by Macmillan.

The videos and news articles are updated automatically, so you can enjoy topical learning material every day! Just select the video or article you are most interested in!


If you do not have a Premium account , upgrade your account now and improve your listening, reading and writing comprehension with our Live Units.

More exciting features are coming soon so stay tuned!



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