Live tutoring marketplace Verbling becomes part of Busuu

November 10, 2023

Today we’re excited to announce that Verbling has joined the Busuu family.

Verbling is one of the world’s leading online marketplaces for live tutoring, with more than 10,000 professional tutors on its platform. The company uses cutting-edge video technology, to provide human-led live lessons 24/7 to over a million users on web and mobile. 

Since we started Busuu almost 13 years ago, we’ve firmly believed that language learning should always involve human interaction. That’s why we built Busuu around a social network, giving you opportunities to practise your skills with real native speakers. Our community has grown to more than 120 million learners from over 160 countries. And it continues to grow, with a new learner joining Busuu every three seconds! 

Most recently, we’ve transformed our language courses with intelligent learning harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Doing so has meant that every word or grammar point you learn on Busuu gets firmly cemented into your long-term memory.

Despite this achievement, we still believe that you need to speak with real humans to take your skills beyond an upper-intermediate level. Especially if you’re an advanced learner, or if you’re preparing for a specific topic – like a job interview, for example. Or if you want to learn a language which we currently don’t offer on Busuu. And this is where Verbling will support you!

Verbling has created the best live tutoring experience that I’ve ever tried (and trust me, I’ve tried a fair few platforms!). When I met with the Verbling founders for the first time last year, I knew right away that our learners would benefit from their platform. 

In the coming months, we will use Verbling’s platform to launch Busuu Live, allowing us to offer world-class, on-demand live lessons to our 100 million users, in addition to our 200+ corporate clients. 

Stay tuned for updates on Busuu Live in the coming months – and be the first to try online language tutoring with Busuu Live.

Speak soon,


CEO & Co-Founder of Busuu 

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