Busuu launches world’s first AI-powered grammar training tool

November 10, 2023

Find grammar the hardest part of learning a language?

We’re not surprised.

Nearly one-fifth of the reviews and requests that we’ve received this year have expressed the exact same thing. You, our Busuu community, have told us that you wanted more grammar on Busuu.

You’ve requested anything and everything grammar-related, from more grammar units to a grammar reference, to a way to review grammar 

You asked, and we delivered. 

Our latest feature, the Grammar Review, is designed to make learning grammar on Busuu even easier – which is something that we’re incredibly passionate about. 


Why? Well, getting to grips with grammar is one of the most important aspects when it comes to learning a new language. It’s the foundation that helps you string together full sentences so that native speakers understand you perfectly.

While most language-learning apps out there focus on vocabulary, for a long time here at Busuu we’ve taken an integrated approach to teaching grammar.

But by launching the Grammar Review, we’re taking our love of grammar to a whole new level, with the world’s first-ever AI-powered grammar practice tool. 

So, forget about any dull and tiresome experiences you might have had with an old school grammar book – with Busuu, grammar practice has never been more fun or effective.  

Grammar Review is only currently available for iOS users learning English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, although our plan is to make the feature available for other languages and across other platforms in the future.  

What is the Grammar Review?

Our Grammar Review builds on the same intelligent machine learning algorithms used in our Vocabulary Trainer. What that means is this nifty feature can predict exactly what you need to practise, ensuring that you spend your time focusing on the grammar that you need to take your language skills to the next level.

It’s also your best point of reference for all things grammar-related. You’re completely free to explore any of the grammar topics at your leisure. Each topic comes with easy-to-understand explanations and the option to test your knowledge with interactive quizzes. 

Here’s what makes our Grammar Review great:

Access your grammar in one place

Find all the grammar you’ve learned in the Review section and put it to the test with quizzes.

Review rules as you go

Revise each of the rules you’ve been taught by simply tapping on each grammar topic.

Focus on your weak points

Use the strength icons to point you to the areas you’re struggling with.

Ready to become a grammar whizz? Download Busuu on iOS and head over to our English, French, German, Italian or Spanish course today. 

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