A warm welcome to the busuu community, language learners from Vietnam, Indonesia and Korea!

November 10, 2023

At busuu, our community is at the heart of the language learning experience. We are very excited to announce that busuu is now available for Vietnamese, Indonesian and Korean learners. A warm welcome to the busuu family!

We have over 200,000 users in Vietnam and Korea who use busuu in a second language (mostly English) to learn a foreign language! So, we thought it was about time these motivated superstars could set their language to their native tongue.

Plus, for those of you who requested Indonesian as a language on web – the long wait is finally over! After enabling Indonesian on mobile almost a year ago, Indonesian is now available as a language on the website.


Time for some fun language facts…

For those of you who don’t speak either of them, we found some interesting facts about our two new languages. Did you know…

Ice Cream in Korean

Both South Korea and North Korea speak Korean… so far, so what right? But over the past 70 years since Korea was divided some words have evolved and some disappeared across the borders.

Important words like “ice cream” for example are very different, with the South Korean word sounding a lot like the English word. Some other words such as “to be broken” only exist in the North Korean language.

Tone Up!

Did you know that Vietnamese has more tones than Chinese (Mandarin)?

These cool languages are both much more complex than their somewhat smaller vocabulary might suggest. While Mandarin has four tones, there are six different ways to pronounce the same word in Vietnamese, and each of these pronunciations change the meaning of that word.

Non-native speakers beware! Awkward moments could ensure if you accidentally thank someone sarcastically…

Now, what are you waiting for? Continue learning with busuu |  busuu와 함께 계속 배우세요

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