Where the hell is Matt?


As we are pretty busy with the website development these days, I just wanted to share a video which I recently found on the internet with you.

It’s called “Where the hell is Matt?” and is from this crazy U.S. guy who travelled around the world for one year, doing hilarious dances in different places.

He made a similar video in 2005 which has already received quite a lot of press coverage. That’s why the chewing gum company Stride Gum decided to sponsor him for his next world trip in 2006 in order to create another video.  As this was an even a bigger success, they supported him in this last video again – there he travelled for 14 months to 42 different countries in order to do his weird dance again.

Check it out:

I think its really a nice viral video (over 8,5m views!!) which makes me want to go on a world trip one day again!! :-))

Additionally, we were wondering how many languages you have to speak in order to be able to communicate in all these different countries…I will send this guy an email and let’s see whether busuu.com can help him for his next trip! 😉


  1. This has quickly become my favorite video ever (other than the one of my son clapping his feet together on YouTube). I ran across your blog with this on it, and after I watched it I went to YouTube and watched some more. It is a simple, happy, wonderful story and I just love it. Thanks for putting it up so I could stumble across it.


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