Your feedback makes a difference!


We are extremely pleased to see how many dedicated language learners busuu has. Thank you all for your honest and helpful feedback. Your opinion matters to us. Following up on busuu’s new design, we keep thriving to get better and better and provide you with the best language-learning experience.

Due to popular demand

This is what we brought back:

  • busuutalk ‘friends status’ – see which ones of your friends are online or offline while you’re learning with us.
  • We have made the Corrections page a lot more comprehensible so you can easily find the latest exercises done by your friends as well as all your exercises.
  • PDF’s – the offline learning tool that allows you to review the content you have learned on busuu online.
  • Recording exercises – send an audio correction to other busuu learners and help them improve their pronunciation.

We will continue to improve our product so stay tuned!


    • Hi Mirko,
      If you want to search for other busuu users, just click on the human icon at the top of the website and choose “Search for busuu users”. In regards to the profile, you can edit it if you click on your avatar and then choose “Settings”.

      Hope your language learning is being fun with busuu!

    • Olá Luis,
      Você pode enviar um email a nossa equipa de suporte que te irá ajudar com toda a certeza. O endereço de email é o seguinte:

      Continue o seu aprendizado de idiomas junto com a busuu 🙂

  1. My favorite tool from Busuu was BusuuTalk, I used to enter a lesson and there was a bussutalk button that allowed me to pick one person from the group, and chat freely. It was nice because you could speak with people from the country you were interested in, and they could learn from you too. But now they’ve changed everything, and I can’t find that feature, I’ve been looking for it but haven’t found it. I would like to know if it’s still available. I’m really dissapointed, and I bet many people are too as well, this was, in my opinion, the most powerful tool of this website.

    • Hi Guillermo,
      Unfortunately, that was one of the features removed from busuu. We are always listening to our community so there is always a chance that removed features might come back!

      Don’t let that removed feature keep you away from learning with busuu and our community 🙂


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