10 amazing benefits of learning languages


There are so many reasons to learn a new language. It’s a hugely beneficial experience that will enrich your life, both personally and professionally.

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Here are 10 benefits to learning languages:

1. Boost your happiness

Okay, it sounds like a grand claim to begin with. And yes, we know happiness isn’t exactly a clear metric you can measure.

But check this out:

There is growing evidence that tracking progress and accomplishing goals is linked to increased happinessIsn’t that exactly what you get when you clearly see your progress with a new language?

2. Improve your communication skills

Usually, when people mention the law of unintended consequences, it’s as in the negative.

But learning another language, unexpectedly, also draws attention to your own language’s mechanics.

Which is a very complicated way of saying that you can improve your grammar, writing and editing, and become a better overall communicator in your mother tongue.

3. Strong cognitive activity 

This is another difficult point to measure, but the data is pretty consistent in various areas.

Whether it’s the ability to negotiate meaning, communicate, or solve problems, all signs point to the fact that bilingual individuals perform better than their monolingual peers.

4. Treat your brain

What does learning new words have in common with eating chocolate?

You’ll be surprised:

Both activate the same part of your brain, the ventral striatum, aka the brain’s pleasure centre.

So go ahead and treat yourself to new words every day!

Unlike eating chocolate, it’s something you can binge on without moderation!

Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

5. Stay sharper for longer

There is mounting evidence that learning more languages can stave off dementia.

According to recent studies, the age for the first signs of dementia in monolingual adults is 71.4. For those who speak two or more languages, the first signs appear much later, at 75.5.

In short, it’s about making your brain future-proof.

6. Better career opportunities

According to a Confederation of British Industry survey, 74% of employers said multilingual employees were more attractive to their organisation.

It goes without saying that additional skills, like a foreign language, can make you a more attractive candidate for a new job. Or, if you’re already happily employed, the ability to speak another language makes it easier for your employer to send you off to work internationally. 

Now there’s a good reason to add a McGraw-Hill Education Certificate to your CV!

7. More authentic travel experiences

Of course, who could mention the benefits of language learning without travel?

There is no doubt about it: you won’t really live a true authentic travel experience unless you can learn the language to socialise, break down barriers, and truly soak up the local life.

The world will be your oyster!

8. Be a better student

Academically speaking, that is.

One thing we’ve already established is how language learning boosts your cognitive skills.

This is doubly true when it comes to standardised testing, where bilingual students perform better on average than those who only speak one language.

Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

9. Increased creativity

Another positive consequence (in case we haven’t given you enough already!): improved creativity.

After all, your language shapes how you perceive and view the world, so why not enlarge it by inviting a whole new world inside your head?

This is exactly where the ability to think outside the box, or creativity, comes from.

10. Learning new languages becomes easier

If you’ve already mastered one foreign language, you might be up for taking on another.

Good news:

With plenty of language learning experience under your belt, you’ll have a much better understanding of your learning style and which methods work best for you.

You’ll most likely find new languages less daunting and will know how to make the most of your time learning.

Hopefully our list of language learning benefits is long enough to convince you!

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  1. Wow, it’s interesting how learning a new language can bring so many benefits such as increasing creativity or better career opportunities. My best friend has Italian descent, and it seems to be a great language to learn as well. What you said about the mounting evidence that learning more languages can stave off dementia was really interesting to me.


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