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Happy birthday busuuuuu!

This is a very special week for busuu.com: we’re celebrating our 2nd birthday! Exactly two years ago, busuu.com was launched. Starting as just a simple idea, our community has grown significantly and very quickly. Here are some of our impressive numbers: More than 450,000 users from all over the world have signed up with us

busuu.com has reached more than 400.000 users!

This week, the busuu.com community is over 400.000 users! This leads busuu.com as the biggest European language learning community. You can now learn more than 150 different languages with our native speakers from all around the world. To learn one of these languages, connect with native speakers directly on the busuutalk or join a group whose

Easter surprises on busuu.com

From today on you can take advantage of our 10% off Special Easter Promotion to become a Premium Member on busuu.com. Simply use the promotion code OST2010 while upgrading your account and you will get 10% off on all our Premium Memberships. As a Premium Member you get access to additional tools and features such