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languages are learned with the eyes

On the 8th of August, an interesting study was published in the scientific journal Cell about the human being’s ability to learn. Researchers have apparently long sought a factor that can trigger the brain’s ability to learn – and perhaps recapture the “sponge-like” quality of childhood. We all know very well how easy it was to learn a new

busuu.com covered in major blogs

The last week was pretty crazy as our community busuu.com was reviewed by several major international blogs!!! We have received excellent reviews from genbeta.com, wwwhatsnew.com, killerstartups.com and freelanguage.org. Thanks so much for this excellent coverage which has basically doubled our user number within few days!!! ;-). It makes us very proud that international blogs find what we are doing highly interestingand and we can promise

busuu.com for friends party

Last Saturday, we celebrated the “busuu.com for friends party” here in the center of Madrid! We basically had two reasons to have a party: First, our community recently welcomed the 1,000th user!!! We are really happy with this strong growth and it’s a very nice feeling to see that people are actually using and are having fun with