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New review types online

busuu.com was launched 5 months ago and, as you may have noticed, is continuously being changed and altered so that you get the best service and improve your language skills in the best possible way. busuu.com now has a new and improved review section. Our busy development team has been working like bees to produce

Silbo Gomero

As we here at busuu.com are committed to the preservation of minority languages, we have decided to include a new section on the almost extinct language of Silbo Gomero on our website! Silbo Gomero, however, is not any ordinary language. There are no words and there is no written form! Silbo Gomero is an almost

The Linguists

You are probably aware that the name busuu derives from a little known Cameroonian language of the same name which is only spoken by 8 people based on an ethnological study conducted in the 1980´s. This name was chosen in the hope that one day busuu.com would not only be a platform for teaching and