Learn a language and take more out of life!

Learning a new language takes some time and this is only valid if you take into account the dedication that is needed to do it. We live in a world that is all connected and that is transformed into a global village with more than 7000 languages. Most children have the capacity to learn more than one language easily but that shouldn’t stop anyone from expanding their own language skills and get the rewards from it.

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You already know some of the benefits of learning a language – if you’re a member of  busuu! But are you aware of some of the less obvious reasons to learn a new language?

There are lots of proven benefits to speaking 2 languages (being bilingual) or more (being multilingual). These include cognitive, social and professional advantages.

  • Develop understanding and respect – by speaking another community’s language, you can really get to understand its culture and traditions. This in turn helps you to develop a fresh perspective on the world and respect for other people – and that can only be a good thing;
  • Boost your brain power – learning a language can help your mind to perform better in other areas too, such as improving memory and problem-solving skills;
  • Discover more opportunities – speaking another language can make jobs, placements and other openings in different countries available to you;
  • Learn another language more easily – if you learn how to speak one language, it may be easier to learn another that is related.

Now that you know some of the benefits of learning a new language, do you feel motivated to start learning after reading this post?

With busuu, you can learn up to 11 languages using our award-winning content and by interacting with native speakers. We make it even simpler, faster and more fun to become bilingual or multilingual!

Back to school wouldn’t be the same without busuu!

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The new busuu content

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We worked very hard and improved our content to make your learning experience even more efficient.

The two most common types of feedback we received from many of you were:

1 –  you want to learn a new language quickly and
2 – you want to keep motivated throughout your language-learning studies

The improvements we made

  • New content – our language experts have created new English and Spanish vocabulary and  grammar units with more explanation, which will be live soon
  • Digestible learning units and activities – It is easier to complete lessons while keeping you more motivated
  • Objective based content - each lesson will help you achieve a specific objective, for example: the lesson ‘How are you?’. By the end of this lesson you will know how to talk about your feeling.

Our new video!

Check out our brand new video to see why busuu is the best place to learn languages online.

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Your opinion makes a difference

Keep sending us your suggestions. They are important for us to continue on improving our product and offer a better language-learning service to you all!


Your feedback makes a difference!

We are extremely pleased to see how many dedicated language learners busuu has. Thank you all for your honest and helpful feedback. Your opinion matters to us. Following up on busuu’s new design, we keep thriving to get better and better and provide you with the best language-learning experience.

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Due to popular demand

This is what we brought back:

  • busuutalk ‘friends status’ – see which ones of your friends are online or offline while you’re learning with us.
  • We have made the Corrections page a lot more comprehensible so you can easily find the latest exercises done by your friends as well as all your exercises.
  • PDF’s – the offline learning tool that allows you to review the content you have learned on busuu online.
  • Recording exercises – send an audio correction to other busuu learners and help them improve their pronunciation.

We will continue to improve our product so stay tuned!