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Challenge accepted: busuu Learns, too!

When we say we know how hard you work to learn a language, we really mean it. Over the next few months, loads of us at busuu are getting stuck into a new language… using our own platform. You might think that gives us a slight advantage. We did build the thing. But actually, we’re


How do we teach grammar?

In busuu’s Education Team we’re always talking about how to improve the way we teach languages, and obviously grammar is a big part of that. We know you are passionate about the way we teach grammar too 🤓, as you aren’t shy about telling us your opinions (which we think is great)! In this post,


Welcome to busuu hackday!

Here at busuu we love collaborating with each other, trying new things and having fun! Recently we took some time out of our ‘normal’ working day to do something that combined all three! Enter the busuu hackday! Here’s a quick video of the day! (We also like sushi…)