The coolest languages to learn, selected by language experts

The 7 coolest languages to learn in 2022

Language experts weigh in on which language is the coolest language to learn. What language will win top spot? You decide.
Preterite endings guide for Spanish learners, courtesy of Busuu

Preterite endings: how to conjugate verbs in the past tense

Trying to memorise preterite endings? Busuu's Spanish expert has got you covered. Learn all about preterite verb ending – both regular and irregular.
How long does it take to learn Spanish? The experts at Busuu give you the honest facts.

How long does it take to learn Spanish? 

Wondering how long it takes to learn Spanish? Well, it depends on a number of factors. Find all the answers here.
difference spanish spain latin america

Spanish in Spain vs Spanish in Latin America: the difference

Which Spanish should you learn? Start by understanding the three key differences between Spanish in Latin America and Spain.
Japanese colors and their meanings, brought to you by Busuu's language experts

Japanese colors: learn color names and meanings

Ready to learn your Japanese colors? Find out the Japanese names for black, white, blue and other common colors – plus their meaning in Japanese culture.
Imperfect tense in Spanish: a guide brought to you by Busuu

The Imperfect tense in Spanish: everything you need to know

The imperfect tense is one of the two simple past tenses in Spanish. Learn how to use it to talk about past events that are ongoing.
Master Spanish pronunciation with Busuu's audio guide

Spanish pronunciation: a complete guide for beginners 

A Spanish pronunciation guide for beginners, complete with audios & 3 expert tips. Learn everything from rolling your r’s to pronouncing the letter g.
common spanish phrases

48 common Spanish phrases to survive any situation

Planning a trip to a Spanish speaking country? Prepare yourself for an adventure of a lifetime by learning these common Spanish phrases.
Tsundere meaning, courtesy of Busuu's language experts

Tsundere: what the Japanese word really means

Discover the origin and meaning of the unique Japanese word tsundere, including examples and a quick pronunciation tutorial.
Chibi – the actual meaning, brought to you by Busuu's language experts

The meaning of chibi: is it cute or insulting?

The word chibi has multiple meanings. It can be cute or offensive depending on context, so read this article before you try using it in conversation!