Tsundere meaning, courtesy of Busuu's language experts

Tsundere: what the Japanese word really means

Discover the origin and meaning of the unique Japanese word tsundere, including examples and a quick pronunciation tutorial.
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The meaning of chibi: is it cute or insulting?

The word chibi has multiple meanings. It can be cute or offensive depending on context, so read this article before you try using it in conversation!
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All about baka! Meaning, origins and more

You’ve probably heard it in anime, but what does baka mean? Find out where it came from, what it means, and when you really shouldn’t say it.
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Ser vs estar guide: 4 golden rules to follow

Ser vs estar – does deciding which Spanish verb "to be" get your head in a twist? Worry not – our Spanish expert has come up with four golden rules to help.
Moshi moshi: what this catchy Japanese phrase really means

Moshi moshi! What this catchy Japanese greeting really means

Learn the origin and meaning of the popular Japanese phrase moshi moshi. Find out when to use it, when not to, and who (or what) can never use it.
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Free language lessons for Ukrainians

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Top 10 oldest languages in the world

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Neutral language: break the bias with 32 inclusive examples

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How to say thank you in 45 different languages

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