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Intro to our culture at busuu

At busuu, our success depends heavily on the productivity of our people. In order to create an inclusive, high-performance environment, our people need to be happy. Not only on a personal level but also in their professional environment. In my opinion, the happiness of my colleagues –  also known as my busuu family – is


Get an official McGraw-Hill language learning certificate!

In 2015, busuu formed a partnership with McGraw-Hill Education, one of the world’s largest and most respected education companies. We’ve worked together to bring you official certification which validates your mastery of the language you’re learning. These tests measure how well you understand the core topics in A1, A2, B1 or B2, the levels of

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Useful phrases you need to know for the Euro2016

Summer has finally arrived, and so has the time for football! The European Championship is well underway in France and we are about to leave the group stages behind to move on to the final stages of the tournament. Now, you may not care much for football, or maybe you’re a seasoned supporter of your country’s team with a